Benefits of a wall soap dispenser

Wall soap dispensers are used in almost every single public restroom or kitchen. But have you ever wondered why? Well, it actually is because they have quite a lot of benefits, here is some of them.

Less movement

When a soap dispenser is not attached to the wall, then you can expect it to be moving around. A moving around dispenser calls for two things, first, it is likely to fall and spill soap; second, it is more likely the dispenser will break if it is constantly moving. You are avoiding yourself trouble while not having to buy dispensers often.

Less germs

A wall soap dispenser avoids something very important: cross contamination. While a lot of people say that they are likely to accumulate germs, there is a reason why they became a thing during the flu wave, and that is because they are so much better than any bar soap. You are definitely avoiding the cross contamination that comes with a bar soap, and if you use an automatic one, then even better.

Green friendly

Not using a soap dispenser can only mean two things, you either are using bar soap, which we already discussed is pretty gross, or you are using disposable soap dispensers. Especially if you are thinking about placing the dispenser at a restroom or kitchen with a lot of movement, you can end up saving a significant number of bottles just by using a dispenser. And you don’t have to worry about constantly purchasing those bottles

Money saving

A lot of hotels and restaurants have reported a significant reduction in expenses just from changing to wall soap dispensers from washroom services. While the initial investment might be significant, you only need to buy bulk products in the long term, which are also significantly cheaper than single packed products.